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World Wingsuit League

Base Jump XTreme

LIVE: Project Cirrus – WingSuit World Records Attempt for SSAFA

Fraser Corsan’s four world record attempts will push Fraser’s body, mind, and the technology to the limit in the most hostile environment above the earth. Here is what he’s attempting: Highest Altitude Jumped in a Wingsuit – aiming to beat 37,265ft/ Longest Time Flown in a Wingsuit – aiming to beat 9 minutes 6 seconds/Highest Speed Flown in a Wingsuit – aiming to beat 243mph/ Furthest distance Flown in a Wingsuit – aiming to beat 19.01 miles

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Amazing Wingsuit

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World Wingsuit League

The Formula 1 in the sky. The World’s premier wingsuit proximity racing organisation – follow them on the Net

Project Cirrus Web
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Just cruising and enjoying the view of Vengedalen.
Nice and relaxed flight from Mt Blånebba 1320m.
Nice hike up to Romsdalseggen.
Excited to start a new adventure with @laurent_vf_wingsuiting and our baby boy 💙😍

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X Games

LIVE: X Games: Boise Park Qualifier...

ICE Climbing

LIVE: 2019 UIAA Ice Climbing World Championships Kirov, Russia...

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