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Good Thing I didn’t say get off to a good start of my 2020 Season! yikes! Thank you everyone for the lovely & kind comments and messages!!
Good morning! 🌞 Being human means being imperfect and making many mistakes. Or are they really “mistakes”? I’m learning to find beauty in the midst of it all. Messy, uncomfortable, weird, raw - I am starting to find the eye...
2020 is here and i’m ready and exited to start my 3rd year on the @lpga_tour tomorrow, @gainbridgelpga 🙏⛳️ I wouldn’t be here without the support of my team ❤️ Let’s make 2020 the best it can possible be 💪😊...
Those Monday feels 😬❤️ have a good week everyone!!
There will always be ups and downs. Setting new goals for 2020 while staying positive and focused✨ #TheOnlyWayIsThrough @underarmour #ad
That wear mark on my club tho😳 What’s one golf goal you want to accomplish this year?
Love at first sight when I met my perfect little nephew today 💙.
Few days off in Paris. Love it ❤️ with my love @philippe_guilhem_official

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Best Of 2019