The Qatar Airways GKA Kite World Tour features the world’s best kiteboarders competing across four performance disciplines in kiteboarding: Big Air, Freestyle, Hydrofoil-Freestyle and Kite-Surf.
The World Cup in Dakhla was the first round of the Kite-Surf discipline and anticipation levels were high amongst elite athletes who specialise purely in riding waves.

The infamous point break at Westpoint in Dakhla in Morocco’s deep south coast has once again delivered an event to live long in the memory.

Offering ideal kiteboarding wind conditions for over 300 days a year, Dakhla is one of the most iconic kiteboarding destinations in the world.

41 competitors from 15 nations came to compete at this event, all hoping to gather points towards the overall Qatar Airways GKA Kite World Championship.

In the Kite-Surf discipline, riders use the power of their kites to help them catch ocean waves that are otherwise very difficult to ride by traditional paddle-in surfing methods.


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