GWA Tarifa Wing Pro

The GWA Tarifa Wing Pro, event closed the 2021 world tour in Tarifa the wind capital of Andalucia, Tarifa, Spain from 27th – 30th December 2021. Previous world tour events were in La Franqui (France) Dakhla (Morocco), Fortaleza (Brazil).

The 2nd Tarifa Wing Pro 2021 consists of two different competitions.  The main one is the Surf-Freestylediscipline with a total prize money of 10.000€. There is also the Surf-Race competition.   31 men and 8 women registered for the 2021 event. 21 athletes were from France, 8 from Spain and 4 from Italy.

Julian Salmonn and Maxime Chabloz hit the water at midday in the small final, to decide who would finish 3rd and 4th at this event in Tarifa. Salmonn started strong, but then crashed 6 of his trick attempts in a row. Maxime Chabloz seized the opportunity, and pulled out some outstanding tricks, including a Backflip, Backside 3 and a Frontside 3. He took the lead and grabbed the 3rd podium position for the Tarifa Wing Pro.

The final was between experienced waterman Balz Muller, and 15 year old up-and-coming rider Riccardo Zorzi. Balz wasn’t messing around for the final, and locked down an 8.03 point Backflip to get started. Riccardo Zorzi was fully focused for his first-ever final, and he threw down some massive tricks, with incredible height and execution. His Frontside 7 scored him 7.5 points, and together with his 3 other high-scoring tricks, he took the win by less than one point from Balz Muller. It was a truly incredible result for this 15 year old rider!


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