The first SSL City Grand Slam race will be lifted tomorrow, Tuesday 3rd May at 10 AM CET. On lake Alster, every day to Saturday 7th May, 90 Star teams will race to win the first SSL City Grand Slam, organized by the Star Sailors League and the great support of the Hamburg and Luebeck Bay Starfleet and Norddeutscher Regatta Verein.
The Prize Purse for the SSL City Grand Slam is CHF 100,000 shared between the top twenty teams. Races are scheduled to start each day at 9 AM, from Tuesday 3rd May to Saturday 7th May. The regatta will consist of a Qualifying Series and a Final Series. The Qualifying Series will have a first and a second round.

The first team to cross the line during the Final will be the first SSL City Grand Slam winner and also awarded with the 50th Erich F. Laeisz-Prize.

Full coverage of all five days of action will be with expert commentary from special studio guests, including Dennis Conner. On the water, the latest in hi-tech camera technology, as well as Virtual Eye 3D Graphics, will provide thrilling viewing. Armchair sailors can also race the course withVirtual Regatta.

To watch the races from Tuesday, May the 3rd at 9 AM to Saturday, May the 7th

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