Ravenna Eventing LIVE


In 2016 are three classes available: a CIC1 * which will also host the Italian Junior Championship, a CIC2 * where it will be taken out of the Championships standings Italian Young Riders (19-21 years) and a CIC3 *, the most important category that will decide who will be the Absolute Senior Champion in 2016.

Many prominent riders entered the race, including several Olympic as the Belgian Karin Donckers, the Swiss Eveline Bodenmüller, Roberto rotators and last but not least,  Peter Roman, back from Rio Games, best ranked Italian and former Italian champion in 2014 precisely during the international Ravenna and Stefano Brecciaroli, also Olympic in Rio, with Viscount George, to defend the title of Italian Champion. They are well-9 nations present (Australia, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Italy, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Hungary) for a total of about 120 pairs.

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