Top 20 popular Athletes in the World in 2016 Social Arena

according Business Insider

That Friday feeling 😩
Satisfying my need for football with new #pes2018 😜. Real life Mesut will be back on the pitch again soon! #afc #arsenal
You've already played the new #pes2018? What do you think about my in-game stats? ⚽🎮 #wherelegendsaremade
Thank you @pagesabookstore for this beautiful display. My favorite little bookstore sure surprised me 😍SIGNED copies of #unstoppable available there now
Hey @cristiano! I accept your #cr7challenge!! Here is my best trick! 🤷🏼‍♂️⚽️👍
I'm nominating @justinthomas34 @tigerwoods @thesergiogarcia @rafaelnadal @lukedonald @bkoepka @tombrady
Looking back on a special day with the @waynerooneyfoundation. Looking forward to some exciting news coming soon! #tbt 🙂

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