The Vector Festival was first introduced to Europe in 2004 as a way to say a massive THANK you to the loyal European customers of Vector and PD products! This group was expanded to include Vigil AAD several years later. In collaboration with the host dropzone, the aim of the event is a FUN and old style boogie concept, utilizing some of the best organizers in the world, for your jumping pleasure:) The Festival caters to every level of skydiving – from 100 jump newbies, to super experienced ninjas who just love the skydiving vibe present at Vector Festival, and the chance to jump in groups with the amazing rockstar organizers! We also aim to provide top notch and unique evening entertainment, for that Festival feeling. The event has grown over the years, and caters to Freeflying, Formation Skydiving and Wingsuiting. Simply put – the Vector Festival is THE skydiving event of the European summer!