PWA Windsurf World Cup: Sea of Galilee, Israel 

The Formula 1 of windsurfers starts for the first time in 18 months.

Finally, after a long Covid break, the professional windsurfers of the PWA World Tour start again. For the first time in the history of the PWA, world ranking points will be fought for in Israel.

The first slalom races of the 2021 season will be held about two hours drive from Jerusalem, near Tiberias, on the Sea of Galilee. The lake promises excellent racing conditions with smooth water and 18 to 30 knots of thermal winds.

From a tactical point of view, the races will definitely be interesting, because the riders are free to choose whether to use a foil or a fin. So there will be races where you can see windsurfers with hydrofoils and windsurfers with conventional equipment fighting for the best places at the same time. So far, foils have had the advantage especially in light winds. In the ranking there is no longer a distinction between foil or fin.

For the time being, the female riders have voted against this merging of fin and foil in their class. There will still be separate rankings for the independently held foil and slalom races.

The international hot-shots are of course at the start. Even multiple world champion Antoine Albeau, at almost 50 years of age, is back in the hunt for the title.

After Israel, there will be further races in Croatia, South Korea and Germany.


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