Episode 3 of my podcast @playingaroundpodcast is out! I went back and forth on which picture to post for this because well this was a really hard episode for me to talk about. It’s all about my nude picture that...
Happy Birthday 아빠💕
#selfiesunday Love me some @dunkin and my @sundogeyewear #dontworryShaneisdriving Hope everyone has a nice day!!! ❤️❤️ #teamPC
Sandy & Danny 😎🔥❤️ #carnival #grease
Just in case you were wondering. I’m happy today. Will you clap along?
PS: thanks for the second hand dress @shastaaveryhardt - I love it, but it turned out less than practical for dancing 🙄 Didn’t bother changing. #danceitout
Nice to be back competing again and good to see I hadn’t forgot it completely 😁 .
Few days off in Paris. Love it ❤️ with my love @philippe_guilhem_official

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